Voyageur and the Sandrat come from the Many Realms, a multiverse created at the cataclysmic end of a war between immortals and primordial, unliving Old Gods. Our heroes are part of a tiny minority of living beings with the power to travel between worlds, seemingly through the power of their minds. These travelers are called ductors; usually they exploit the weak and plunder the realms for everything of value.

Book three qtr smallLong honored throughout the Many Realms (probably because they acted more like heroes than a-holes) as the greatest ductors of all time, children of new generations have never known the chaos that the most noble of ductors labored to end over several thousand years. On an unofficial goodwill tour in semi-retirement, the Sandrat stumbled on a clue to the whereabouts of a mythical and long-lost tribe called the Third Sargon.

In the end of that adventure, Voyageur and the Sandrat had to flee the Third Sargon and were lost in a realm they couldn’t recognize. Unaware of their location, they can’t duct back to the Many Realms; our heroes are stranded unless they can find other ductors to help, or some clue to their coordinates.

They find new friends and enemies in a country called the Wide Lands, where they discover magnificent alien structures with wonders beyond their understanding. Before they can explore they are pulled into conflicts between the Wide Lands and strange invaders – and between the Widelanders themselves.

If they can’t get back to the Many Realms, they have to make a new home. If the Wide Lands are in trouble, who better to end the wars within and without? If they helped to end the Chaos back home, certainly they can handle a backwater squabble between barbarian tribes. As the Sandrat says: “What could possibly go wrong?”


The Walls of Wind and Fire is the first book in a new series, a science fantasy adventure centered around the exploits of two quasi-mortal characters and their friends. Book 2, The Leviathan’s Throat, will be published in late 2015.