My name is T. J. Rourke and, among other things, I write books. My debut novel is The Walls of Wind and Fire, the first book in a new series telling the story of the adventures of two main characters called Voyageur and the Sandrat.

Although my wife Mary and I have lived in several locations and traveled a bit, there’s no place like home. Omaha, Nebraska is a great place to live, in part because you’ll spend less time getting someplace and more time doing things there. Our main job is waiting on Schatzie, the dachshund who lets us live with her.

In my secret identity as a person who has to pay the bills, I’ve worked as a cartographer, geospatial analyst, programmer and web developer. Writing was just a hobby for a long time. It was fun to escape the strictures of real-world problems and solutions and explore new worlds and people – part of what led me to the art and science of geography.

Once in a while I would look at all the stories I’d written and wonder if I should try to publish them. After I did that enough times I came up with the idea to build a universe that brought all of those stories together. The Walls of Wind and Fire is the first book in that universe. I hope you give that universe a look and enjoy your visit!