Voyageur is a nickname given to Aan Gladring by his friend and business partner, the Sandrat, something he has a habit of doing upon making a new friend. To the population of the Many Realms Voyageur is known as Gladring, the Last Oaran. As the sole survivor of a people revered for their contributions to peace and civilization, Gladring is considered holy by almost everyone. Among those who believe in the Wanderer myth, he is holier than all the pantheons of all the cultures in the Many Realms.

Gladring is very tall, with grey hair and eyes; he wears a long grey-white beard and has a straight scar that crosses the left side of his face from the hairline to the jaw. His height makes him look very slim, but he is not skinny. He has a tendency to wear robes over his clothes, and favors long sleeves that hide his arms and hands when he folds them together.

Gladring uses two daegdjynn in Book 1; at the start he has Asinbourgh, who needs to rest, and is replaced by Valispaar. Also, while unconscious, Voyageur dreams an odd memory of a daegdjynn he used to work with, by the name of Armrigal, but knows that Armrigal was lost in the “atrocities of realm Wufsraokim.”


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