The Sandrat is the title of one of the main characters in the series. Despite how it looks, the word Sandrat means in his native language “Weaver of Words” and is a high honor given to the most talented literati of his homeland of Xanaxar. The Sandrat’s given name is Ganataxamo, nothing unusual for a Xanaxari but “the Sandrat” is easier for other people to pronounce.

The Sandrat’s homeworld has very high gravity compared to other realms, approximately twice that of on Earth. Because of this, Xanaxari tend to be shorter than other races, very broad and very strong. Even among his own people, the Sandrat is shorter, broader, and much stronger than usual.

He wears a tunic of red velvet with a golden dragon embroidered on the chest; his daegdjynn can convert it to golden armor when they detect danger. His armor cannot be pierced by most physical force or weapons. One of his favorite tools is a flask that serves as a liquor factory as well as a container. His favorite weapon is a knife with a working hand as a handle, which he can throw to choke or hold someone.

On his back there is a strange presence that could be a tattoo of an enormous dragon sunning herself in a bay in the distance. Could be, that is, except for the fact that the dragon moves, sometimes gesturing or otherwise communicating with the Sandrat or others. It is very disturbing for the Widelanders, who’ve never seen anything like it before. Another weird thing is the Mark, an animated, randomly-shifting array of patterns embedded in the skin of the Sandrat’s chest. He describes it as a sort of collection of badges of honor, which doesn’t help the Widelanders understand it any better than the dragon.

The Sandrat’s stature did not prevent him from serving as a Sentinel, the elite warriors who guarded the main populated areas of Xanaxar and repelled waves of Domijunig attacks on their world. Even among the Sentinels the Sandrat excelled and rose to become their commander. His natural skills in strategy and tactics decimated the Domijunig forces and ended the attacks for good.

Unfortunately, the young Sandrat’s skill in politics was less stellar, and his career as a guardian came to a swift end after his victory. In a few years he was arrested by his political enemies and sentenced to death. Only by accepting life as an exile could he avoid execution.

After leaving Xanaxar the Sandrat spent a few centuries working either as an entertainer or a mercenary. After considerable success in preventing as well as ending wars he was able to found his own para-politico-military service called the Lords of Battle. The success and growth of the Lords led to a merger with the oldest and most prestigious organization, called Khorheen Baradan Auruhart. Some time later, the Sandrat had a falling out with his partner in the firm, and left to find his own path.

In time he met Gladring, whose ConServe needed protection and support. The Sandrat accepted the challenge and joined the ConServe, founding a new protective organization he called the Coimirce. TO commemorate his new friendship he gave Gladring the name Voyageur, beginning a partnership lasting nearly a thousand years. In their time together they came to be known as the Men of Many Realms, and highly respected ductors.

The Sandrat’s daegdjynn in Book 1 is named Meemi.