At the Garden Mount

Chulia – a Widelander noblewoman of royal blood. The closest heir to the throne if the Wide Lands allowed queens to rule, most nobles treat her as chess piece. She lives and manages her garden on a mountaintop in the western part of the Wide Lands, far from petty nobles and class conflict.

  • Ator and Rota – a couple with features unlike other Widelanders, possibly foreigners, who protect the Lady Chulia and help maintain the garden and trade with the nearby towns.

Guests at the Garden

Audace – an elderly philosopher, a member of the Council of Sages established by the King of the Wide Lands. His official title is Sage of the Forbidden.

  • Buran – a young boy, an apprenticed to Audace with a good ear for languages.
  • Derry – a teenager apprenticed to Audace; a willful and stubborn boy with a tendency to bully the smaller kids.
  • Aniguel – a young boy, apprenticed to Audace. The son of the castelar in the city, he has a brother named Aniguar in the army.

Near the Garden Mount

Breddick –  farmer and former soldier of the Wide Lands.

  • Edin, his daughter
  • Dorleen, his daughter
  • Jeram, his son.
  • Kural, his son.

At Qrapht’s Farm

Qrapht, an elderly farmer in the region of Glale in the Wide Lands. Slightly shorter than the Sandrat and a good judge of whiskey and wine.

Typhonus, Qrapht’s cousin. An elderly country wizard, famous in his prime but now spent and ridiculed for his bombast and faux arcane mysteries.

Purdif: A young man from Glale who enlisted in the army when his father died in an invasion of the Wide Lands. A leader of a group of ten, of which only seven remain.

  • Aridan, a snarky, skilled stonemason drafted into the Widelander army; a swordsman and squad leader in Purdif’s decad.
  • Darvell, a young man serving as pikeman in the Widelander army in Purdif’s decad in Aridan’s squad.
  • Murton, a man serving as a squad leader and axeman in Purdif’s decad.
  • Holna, a very irritable man serving in the Widelander army as an axeman in Murton’s squad in Purdif’s decad.
  • Nivarro, a young man, a former apprentice and student of Audace, serving as a swordsman and squad leader in Purdif’s decad in the Widelander army.
  • Nilef, a man serving as a swordsman in the Widelander army in Nivarro’s squad; brother of Cudjan.
  • Cudjan, a man serving as a swordsman in the Widelander army in Nivarro’s squad; brother of Nilef.

With the Widelander Army


The Lord Warder, the nobleman serving as commander-in-chief of the defense of the Wide Lands.

Charius, a nobleman commanding a Widelander army.

  • Fleonigh, his chief steward.
  • Vitonya: A young woman, one of Charius’ slaves.

Cromus, a commoner with decades of experience as a soldier and officer in the Widelander army.

  • Hallut, one of his attendants.

Samar, a commoner with a lifetime of experience as a soldier and tactical officer in the Widelander army.

Venito, a commoner with years of experience as an officer in the Widelander army.

Dralxid, a young nobleman from a prestigious house, but landless and dependent on the favor of lords like Charius.


Aniguar, a teenage soldier working as a stable-hand; taught his younger brother Aniguel to get over his fear of darkness by occupying his mind with tasks.

Bolek, a swordsman in the Widelander army.

Kurgo, the captain of the guard.

Escrade, the leader of the patrolmen.

  • Spooner, one of Escrade’s men.

Dinsel, a foot soldier in the army.

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