Voyageur, also known by his given name, Aan Gladring; also variously referred to as Gladring, the Wanderer, the Last Oaran.

The Sandrat, in Xanaxari, means “Weaver of Words,” and is a high title for any poet or storyteller, sort of a laureate by acclaim. A legendary leader and hero, in his later years he’s left most of the work to others and followed Voyageur to tour realms and promote the ConServe’s projects. He uses these tours as an excuse to party.

Mercuron, an obscure god of thieves, messengers, athletics, speed, medicine, chemistry and other sciences. May be a bit of an over-achiever.

Depraedaios, a woman from Xanaxar working for Mercuron in the Wide Lands.

Praester, a man of unknown origin working for Mercuron in the Wide Lands.

Riaylish, a woman of the Mordine, a matriarchal society from Voyageur’s home realm of Oar.

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