The Walls of Wind and Fire
Series: Voyageur and the Sandrat, Book 1
Genres: adventure, fantasy, horror, portal fantasy, science fantasy, science fiction
Tags: adventure, fantasy, portal, science fiction
Publisher: K & L Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780991139330


Two great legends past their time, lost on a Quest of a Thousand Years, stumble upon a lost realm. On entering the realm they hear a message, nine cryptic words – and realize they are as lost as the world on which they stand. In their search for a way out or a new home, they discover forgotten terrors, quirky gods, sinister agents, and ancient wonders. Underlying it all lurks a brutal conflict – one that reveals the truth behind nine words older than spacetime:

The Walls of Wind and Fire begins a new series, a mashup of science fiction, dark fantasy and horror, surrounding adventurers who walk between the worlds. Here is an excerpt:

“Across the mists of time and space, there is told a tale in as many tongues as there are worlds. It is the legend of a being, a creature possessed of great power and as great a burden like a supernatural force in the shape of a man. According to the legend, this being was duty-bound to appear when times were dark, to offer his might when hope was dim and fear, great. He was known by as many names as there are languages to tell the tale. He was doomed to serve those whose humanity he would never comprehend. For more than a thousand years, he walked between the worlds: Gladring, the last of a sacred race.

“As chance would have it, this barren soul came one day to meet the one who was his exact opposite. This other was as outgoing as Gladring was aloof, as passionate as he was cold, as charming as he was humorless, as handsome as well, you get the idea. This man was a legend in his own right, as well known for his amazing adventures, his unfailing valor, his supreme prowess as fighter and lover, and most of all, his modesty. Jealous people called him the Liar. Frightened enemies called him the Reaver. He chose to go by the name given him by his own people: Sandrat, which means Weaver of Words.

“They walked together into a new Quest, and legends sprang up in their footsteps. In honor of the occasion, the Sandrat christened his new friend with a name befitting their new undertaking.”

A gust forced open the shutters and the door. Every candle and flame in the place blew out. Only the dim glow of the fireplace lit the room from behind the Sandrat s spread cloak, and the ghostly radiance of the night that came in the door. Everyone turned to see a figure in the doorway. Lightning crashed with thunder.

“Hello, Voyageur,” the Sandrat said. “I was just talking about you.”

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